Thursday, May 17, 2018


A truly wonderful coffee morning this morning at Veronica Loguercio's beautiful villa in Le Rughe under a warm sun and company of wonderful friends.  Our hostess has once again outdone herself and this morning her guests could chose among various books in English and Italian for a small collection in favour of Alzheimer's Disease.
Medical Science has come a long way but still has a long way to go before finding a cure for this devastating illness and it is important to raise awareness because only knowledge can fight against ignorance.
 Many thnks for everyone who attended and who made this meeting just that much more special.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018



It's always difficult to know how many people will take the time to drive all the way to Vetralla for a Welcome Neighbor gathering, as most of us tend to enjoy staying in the comfort of our surroundings.  But the Etruscan countryside, which is all around us, covering the hilly Viterbese into Umbria and up to Tuscany.  It is all there, just a short drive away, and in the end the number of people who had confirmed their participation in this lovely lunch in a medieval Palazzo in Vetralla literally doubled.
Hosted by American Author Mary Jane Cryan, who has lived in Vetralla for the past 25 years, the lunch was absolutely enchanting.
As we walked into the yellow building on the main street, a large hallway with staircases and high ceilings opened its way and Mary Jane reached out a hand to welcome us.
Straight ahead a large room with a loft decorated with books, where our writer hostess spends most of her time, when she isn't travelling on a cruise giving lectures.
when she moved to Vetralla she decided to do some research about the area and realised that the inhabitants themselves didn't even appreciate or even know the treasure they had under their own feet, the important history of the area and the value that she herself could add to the local tons and countryside by spreading the word.  And what better way than to start writing books and speaking about elegant Etruria, (the actual name of one of her blogs) and bring tourists to visit what for so many years had been taken for granted.
A truly wonderful day in Mary Jane and Fulvio's lovely company.
Many thanks to her for hosting and to the ladies who weren't
 t scared off by the holes in the roads and the distance, not so far after all.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Run for a good cause with vivi vejo ONLUS

In case you weren't able to buy a Rome Marathon T-shirt and would like to help out in the Vivi Vejo Diamoci una Mano Project in favour of visually impaired people in Rome, you may make a donation on the following website by sponsoring our marathon runner Marzio De blasis.

Welcome Nerighbor News

Tuesday, March 20th, Welcome Neighbor lunch in Vetralla.  In case you don't want to drive, there's still some room.  Please let me know asap if you'd like to go.

In case you weren't able to buy a Rome Marathon T-shirt and would like to help out in the Vivi Vejo Diamoci una Mano Project in favour of visually impaired people in Rome, you may make a donation on the following website by sponsoring our marathon runner Marzio De blasis.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Last Chance

Dear all,
this is your last chance to reserve your 2018 Rome Marathon bag with your T-shirt, gadgets and sponsor goodies for 10 Euros, 4 of which will go to the Vivi Vejo community Projects in favour of visually impaired people, children's integration, computer courses for the elderly, etc.
If you are interested (you don't have to run in the marathon or in the Roma Fun 5k walk) please let me know your T-shirt size.
I hope to see you soon in Vetralla!
Paula M. Treu

Thursday, February 8, 2018


Don't miss a fantastic workshop on … Women in their 50's held by Professional coach Moira Spence at the end of April.

Saturday, January 20, 2018


Ancora una volta una scuola aderisce al progetto per rompere le barriere sulle disabilità visive che da qualche anno l'Associazione Vivi Vejo ONLUS propone per abbattere le barriere dei pregiudizi, spesso causate dalla cattiva o scarsa informazione.  Diventare cieco non è e non sarà mai una facile condizione, ma la tecnologia ha fatto enormi passi in avanti negli ultimi vent'anni, proponendo ogni giorno un ausilio o un'applicazione che aiuta a rendere molto più facile la vita di un disabile visivo.
    Dieci ragazzi che frequentano la scuola Pianeta Studi a La Storta sono saliti sul treno ieri mattina insieme alle insegnanti Valentina e Denise per incontrare due volontari della Vivi Vejo e avviarsi a piedi verso la sede della Federazione Nazionale degli Istituti Pro ciechi, dove hanno partecipato ad un laboratorio di libri tattili, dove vengono realizzati dei veri e propri libri di fiabe per i bambini non vedenti ma dove vengono anche stampati libri didattici per insegnanti ciechi.
Durante l'incontro, i ragazzi hanno provato a leggere, bendati, un libro tattile  di fiabe sotto l'attenta guida di Pietro Vecchiarelli e di Simona Cassano, che lavorano al centro.
Quando è stato chiesto loro di descrivere le loro sensazioni hanno tutti risposto che la loro concentrazione era sul tatto e sull'udito, sensi che spesso dimentichiamo.
Nelle foto i ragazzi di Pianeta Studi all'opera e due amici non vedenti, il Prof. Luciano Pulerà, Professore di Storia e Filosofia e la Professoressa Adele Masci, Professoressa di Lettere e Latino, entrambi completamente non vedenti.