Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Egypt, the United States, Canada, Denmark, Scotland, England, MexicoSpain and France; these are some of the countries which were represented this morning at the kick off Welcome Neighbor lunch in Olgiata, at our lovely hostess Gabriela's beautiful and welcoming home.
New faces and new idea were presented as this year some of the meetings will either be for lunch or for a pizza in one of the many local restaurants.  Announcements were made about Rome International Church which offers a service in English on Sunday morning at St George's British International School, Italian cooking lessons by Elisabetta and middle eastern cooking lessons and catering by Carmen, as well as belly   dancing lessons to  start getting in shape for next summer, Italian and English lessons. 
A big warm welcome to new comers Kerry, Julia, Jacqui, Kate, Anna and Ganette.
Our next meeting in October in La Cerquetta, just outside Olgiata.
See you all there!

Friday, September 8, 2017

Great Garage Sale!!!

Great Garage Sale coming up! Saturday, September 16th, Cassia & GRA. Many household items, pieces of small nice furniture, beautiful glass and mirror display case, a very inexpensive armoire, 2 small tables on wheels, classic but inexpensive dining table with drop leaves, a chippendale couch and large chair, inexpensive wood couch, small desk, large desk, bookshelves galore, beautiful chaise, single hide-a-bed  folds up into a wall unit, large solid dark wood bed board, perfect table top, 2 side straight upholstered seat chairs, long sheer white curtains, books, beer steins, irons, kitchen stuff, etc. Have things to sell? Call to set up a table too. 9:00 AM- 1:00, Via Barbarano Romano 15. Bus 201 stops at our corner. Tel 06 3088 0506. Call or write for pic of specifics, or for an appointment. 

Saturday, September 2, 2017


 A large and friendly crowd filled the lovely grounds of St George's British International School yesterday to welcome new students and their families and as always, Welcome Neighbor Rome was invited to share the PSG table and give a brief presentation of who we are and what we have been doing as a volunteer service for the last 43 years.
Welcome Neighbor has seen all nationalities, backgrounds and religious beliefs and the most long lasting and precious friendships have come out of our meetings.
This year we'll have our first pot luck lunch in Olgiata located in Northern Rome just about 6 km from St George's and all expats with knowledge of English or even Italians returning to Italy who have lived abroad are most welcome.
Please let us know if you wish to attend our first lunch and if you could bring something of your choice to share.  You may confirm by sending an e-mail to paula.mtreu@vivivejo.org
It's a great way not only to make new friends but also to find out what to do in Rome, to get involved in volunteer work if you wish, to find out about other clubs and activities and so on.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Welcome Neighbor for a healthy and painless Back

Before taking off for the summer holidays, the Welcome Neighbor crowd gathered at Veronica Loguercio's beautiful villa in Le Rughe for a fun and delicious pot luck lunch enriched by homemade dishes and good wine.  Despite the hot weather, a pleasant breeze made the whole event much more delightful and bearable.
Dr Paula Dowidchuk, from Washington DC but married to an Italian, gave a brief presentation on Cranial Sacral therapy which she has been practicing for a few years and promised to come back to give a more thorough outlook on this very interesting pan relieving therapy. .
Many thanks to Veronica for being such a great hostess.  Welcome Neighbor will meet again in September in Olgiata and wishes everyone a fantastic summer.
Please don't forget to sign up for hosting a Welcome Neighbor meeting.  It is fun and not so much work after all.

Sunday, June 4, 2017


Tuesday June 13th at 11 am Welcome Neighbor Rome hosts yet another fantastic speaker who will portray the not so widely known Cranial Sacral Therapy, by Dr Paula Dowidchuk.
Cranial Sacral Therapy works with the cranial wave to promote wellness. It helps our cerebral spinal fluid to flow more completely throughout our body thereby helping us feel completely relieved and at one with ourselves.
This pot luck lunch will take place in Le Rughe, just 6 minutes from Olgiata.
Please make sure you reserve a spot as it is hosted in a private home and let us know whether you prefer to bring a savoury or sweet dish to share.
For info and reservations please rsvp by no later than Sunday, June 11th by sending an e-mail to info@vivivejo.org
We look forward to seeing you before we all break off for the summer!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

A Great Emotional Coffee Morning

Many thanks to Annabel Marranci for hosting a touching and delightful coffee morning with guest speaker Marie Christine Nibagwire, accountant and Church Minister frim the Church of England who spoke yesterday at the Welcome Neighbor May meeting about her experience as a Rowandan genocide refugee.
Marie Christine will be at the American Overseas School of Rome all day today and tomorrow at Rome International Church.

Saturday, May 6, 2017


Welcome Neighbor Rome invites you to a unique opportunity on Friday, May 12th at 10 am in Olgiata for a presentation by exclusive guest speaker Marie Christine Nibagwire,survivor of the Rwandan Genocide of 1994   where she lost many members of her family, her friends, her home, her hope even her dreams.  She arrived in the U.K in 1998, after seeking asylum in three other different countries without success.

In September 2000, while working as a Procurement Manager in a train company in London, she had a  calling   to reach out to other refugees, survivors of the Genocide of Rwanda who had arrived in different countries of 
West Europe, Canada, USA even those whom she left in different slums or refugee camps in Africa.  Those refugees were still bleeding, still traumatised by the killings, rapes and all atrocities they witnessed.  She made it her goal to bring the  Lord's message that  He  wanted to heal them, comfort them and let them know that He would always be their "Safe refuge".

In 2001, Marie-Christine resigned from her job and founded Saferefugerwanda, taking a message from God as the true Saferefuge to Refugees.  God has then been healing many refugees who testify about the healing power of God.

Marie-Christine is a qualified mentor and counsellor for refugees and her work was recognised with a "Woman on the Move Award", which she received in March 2016 from UNHCR and Migrants Organise, an organisation that welcome refugees in the U.K.

Marie-Christine, though an accountant by profession, she also worked with different humanitarian organisations working with refugees like the International Committee of the Red Cross, UNHCR and she is a member of "PHAP"Professional in Humanitarian Assistance and Protection" based in Geneva Switzerland.

Marie-Christine is also a Church of England Minister (LLM), serving the Diocese of London, in the leadership team of Holy Trinity Brompton.

She is a single mother of three children: Natalie (25 years old), Peter Caleb (11 years old) and Ephraima Favour (9 years old).

As this event is taking place in a private home in Olgiata, reservations are kindly requested by no later than Wednesday May 10th by sending an e-mail to info@vivivejo.org