Tuesday, March 20, 2018



It's always difficult to know how many people will take the time to drive all the way to Vetralla for a Welcome Neighbor gathering, as most of us tend to enjoy staying in the comfort of our surroundings.  But the Etruscan countryside, which is all around us, covering the hilly Viterbese into Umbria and up to Tuscany.  It is all there, just a short drive away, and in the end the number of people who had confirmed their participation in this lovely lunch in a medieval Palazzo in Vetralla literally doubled.
Hosted by American Author Mary Jane Cryan, who has lived in Vetralla for the past 25 years, the lunch was absolutely enchanting.
As we walked into the yellow building on the main street, a large hallway with staircases and high ceilings opened its way and Mary Jane reached out a hand to welcome us.
Straight ahead a large room with a loft decorated with books, where our writer hostess spends most of her time, when she isn't travelling on a cruise giving lectures.
when she moved to Vetralla she decided to do some research about the area and realised that the inhabitants themselves didn't even appreciate or even know the treasure they had under their own feet, the important history of the area and the value that she herself could add to the local tons and countryside by spreading the word.  And what better way than to start writing books and speaking about elegant Etruria, (the actual name of one of her blogs) and bring tourists to visit what for so many years had been taken for granted.
A truly wonderful day in Mary Jane and Fulvio's lovely company.
Many thanks to her for hosting and to the ladies who weren't
 t scared off by the holes in the roads and the distance, not so far after all.

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