Sunday, May 29, 2011


3pm, Olgiata South Gate, the crowd gets larger and larger... they all wear their white T-shirts and hold a rake, a plastic bag, a shovel and gloves in their hands and off they go.  They attack the trash that's been left along the sidewalks: a mattress, blankets, old clothes and an old TV are only some of the things which turn up.  vivi Vejo onlus has managed to group together many different associations in the Olgiata area but not only, as the American International club of rome approaches and helps out too.
The Pubblic Works Representative is there too, in his T-shirt and shorts and is picking up trash.
At 5.30 the party moves to the Olgiata Sporting Club, the newly build complex which is worth millions.  Hundreds of people flood  the whole room and the winners of the 2010-2011 competitions are announced.  The prizes range from trips to Greece to memberships to the Olgiata Sporting Club, riding lessons, treasure hunts and so on.  Young artists exhibited their lovely work and the lovely sun and the spring breeze was certainly a most favourable one, till we meet again, nexst year with more art workm more essays and more people.
Here are some of the comments from the St George's kids who volunteered to clean the streets outside Olgiata:
Durante il chaos di tutti i giorni, vedevo persone che inquinavano, ma non ero mai riuscita a fare niente al riguardo. Cosi invece, l'Olgiata è piu pulita
ma lo è anche la mia coscienza. Grazie al Vivi Vejo ed all' AMA per questa splendida opportunità e spero che in futuro potrò partecipare a molte più attività
per salvare la natura intorno a noi. -Sakura Brandi
An afternoon spent cleaning up at Olgiata's south gate was certainly an eye opening experience. I don't think any of us were aware of how polluted the streets
were until we had to clean them ourselves. So thank you Vivi Vejo and AMA for giving us an opportunity to spend some quality outdoor time and helping the
environment! -Djamella Dulloo
It was fun being able to clean up the environment and I enjoyed it because we also inspired small children to join us. So, in the future they can maybe
grow up and join events similar to these. The experience was definitely memorable. -Maureen  Stella Macharia
E stata un' esperienza interessante raccogliere i rifiuti all' Olgiata e migliorare un po l'ambiente. Grazie a Vivi Vejo e AMA per questa oppurtunità :)
- Valentina Silenzi
Thanks for organizing the Vivi Vejo & AMA earth day and the clean-up at the Olgiata south gate.  There was definitely a big contrast between how the area
looked before and after we all intervened. All the trash we collected will surely not be missed. This event proved a great opportunity to improve our surroundings
and the lives of the people that walk past this area every day. A definitely worthwhile experience. -Victor Val Mas

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