Thursday, September 1, 2011


Due to a sudden engagement, Tom Shaker will be substituted by Californian Rick Breco, who has kindly accepted to take on this task at the last minute.
Rick has already hosted the International Community Fair in the past as well as the AICR 4th of July parties, AWAR's Garden
Party raffle and spoke at a Mechant function at the U.S. Ambassador's residence when Spogli was in.
Rick is quite known and loved in the expat community not only for his acting ability and talent, but also for his famed NOI SALON, particularly the ladies who come out of there more beautiful than ever, thanks to Rick's passion for hair care and style.

Noi, located on Piazza del Popolo,  is Rome's #1 salon in the International Community. "We are all California transplants so communication in English or Italian is no problem"


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