Friday, January 20, 2012

Le Cinque Terre

They are one of the most beutiful, breathtaking location in Italy.  (The Five lands) because they are five medieval villages located along 18 km of coast, not far from La Spezia, where Romanticism writers such as Lord Byron, John Keats and Percey Bysse Shelley found their inspiration of lots for their famous works.  Few people know that already, after the terrible earthquake that hit and almost destroyed this beautiful area, is now almost totally ready to welcome tourists again.  Monterosso will soon open the centre with its beutiful old road, Vernazza, known to be the most suggestive one, is already open to the pubblic.  Corniglia, with its natural rocky towers, looms over the sea from up above.  The via Azzurra (the Blue way) is ready and by Easter all the couples in love may take a stroll along the Via dell'Amore (the Love Way).  The many beaches along the coast still cherish their original beauty, untouched by man. 
In 1999 Le Cinque Terre was proclaimed World Patrimony for Mankind.
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