Saturday, September 29, 2012


From 27-30 September the Circus Maximus in Rome will be transformed into a giant farmer's market, with 200 food stands spread out over 20,000 sqm.
In addition to presenting organic local food from regions all over Italy, the inaugural Cibo d'Italia event and its organisers Fondazione Campagna Amica
hope to reintroduce the notion of "growing your own".
Visitors to the market can sample the flavours of prime Italian agricultural produce, including an historical re-enactment that offers tastes of ancient
There will be Green Oscars awarded to the most innovative emerging food businesses as well as lessons in horticulture and cooking demonstrations, but perhaps
the most unusual event is scheduled for 30 September at 10.00, when visitors and traders can revert to bartering produce among themselves without opening
their wallets.
The full programme of events is available see

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