Monday, April 13, 2015

items needed for the refugee centre

If possible, please spread the word that the refugee center at St. Paul's Within the Walls Church on Via Nazionale is in great need for more second hand clothes, shoes and small toiletries (hotel soaps, shampoo, toothbrushes etc.).  The majority of the refugees are men, but recently some women and children have visited the center.  Last week in only a two hour period of time while I was there volunteering, 4 women from Niger and Cameroon, one with a baby came asking for women's clothes, blankets, baby clothes and small toys.

If someone would like to buy the most needed items, dark short socks (calf height) and underwear, that would be met with many smiles by the refugees, who often ask for these two particular items.

The refugee center hosts 200 refugees Monday-Friday every week for breakfast, social assistance, resettlement, education and psychological counselling.  

Please contact Debbie Riva for pick-up of your donation at 06 3088 0274, mobile 368 267 829, email  Thank you for remembering those in need.

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