Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Friday, May 8th at the Irish Institute on Via Giustiniana 1200 at 4:30pm with TV LA7 journalist Paolo Pagliaro.

Who will be awarded the 2015 Vivi Vejo Prize?

The Northern Rome schools including St George's have participated in the Vivi Vejo annual Literary and Art Competitions.

Come and find out who the winners are and find out more about Vivi Vejo, a totally non profit association which is there for you!

Helping the blind, supporting local schools, teaching the elderly how to use a computer, collecting food for the poor, promoting art and literature, cleaning  the streets and educating students to respect their environment and much, much more.
Come and join Vivi Vejo onlus.
It's only 40,00 Euros per year and you'll get a true feeling of  usefulness and solidarity.

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