Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Lovely Hail and Farewell till September

A truly lovely morning with old friends and new ones this morning at the beautiful home of Monica Teran in Olgiata, with our usually delightful international buffet and thank god for lovely weather.  Sad to say goodbye to Lisa Rosenfield and Maite Salinas who will be moving on to their respective new homes.  We'll miss you both very much.  Welcome Neighbor has seen so many wonderful people coming and going since it was founded by Yolanda bernardini in 1984 and it was so nice to be with Yolanda this morning, as she has just arrived from Florida to be with her lovely grandchildren.

Margo, our tireless creative fashion designer decorated the porch with her new colorful creations and … till we meet again in September, please remember:
- Friday, June 12th, 7pm, a cultural event at the Olgiata Castle.  Come and meet author Enzo Abbati and learn about the history of our area.  For reservations write to info@vivivejo.org.
It's free.

- Summer camp at the Rome International Church starting soon at Marymount.  Contact Debbie Riva  at dhoule@tiscali.it
- Job available as an English teacher in San Nicola School, adjacent to Olgiata, Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 12:30 and occasional afternoons.  Contact Veronica Loguercio at  v.loguercio@gmail.com

- Would you like to host a Welcome Neighbor Rome lunch or coffee morning from September to June'  Please contact paula.mtreu@vivivejo.org

Have a wonderful summer!

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