Thursday, August 27, 2015

a fun job walking in rome

Create your own audio walk! VoiceMap is a publishing platform for location-aware audio tours. Creating your own audio walk, cycle, riverboat cruise, drive or even rocketship ride is free, and our tools come bundled with the support, enthusiasm and expertise of our editors. VoiceMap was founded by storytellers, and we've used our experience to simplify the process of making a tour. In three steps — map, write, record — you can publish and sell your own VoiceMap. Contributors select a price up to US$10, and are paid 50% royalties on downloads of their storytelling route while accessing an entirely new listenership. Create a story walk around your own neighbourhood with VoiceMap. Check out our existing routes on, or find VoiceMap on the iTunes Store and Google Play. 

John Bartmann | Editor

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