Monday, September 7, 2015

Positive Perspectives

  Positive Perspectives 
This course of workshops will start with a full day session (9.30 till 15.00) on Thursday 17th September and continue  on Thursday mornings (9.30 till 11.30). There will be a gap for half term then finish with a full day on 26th November 2015. The
Thursday mornings will be 24th September;1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd October, 5th, 12th, 19th November.

Enneagram and 
Positive Psychology: 
a workshop in 12 parts.

Flourishing in life means living in a state of wellbeing, productivity, growth and resilience.
Positive Psychology (sometimes called the science of happiness) gives new ways of understanding what helps people to flourish with research based evidence to support it.  
For some people the attitudes and activities that contribute to well-being come naturally. Many of us, living busy and demanding lives, value reminders to help us stay in balance and achieve the lives that we want. 
How do other people see you? Why do people react to situations in the way they do? 
The Enneagram personality typing system describes nine world views, each with its own distinctive way of interpreting the world, characteristics, strengths and challenges. 
Being aware of our own type helps to interpret and adapt our behavior to improve our home and work relationships. Knowing the Enneagram type of others allows us to see their perspective, and engage with them with genuine understanding and clarity.  

The total cost for the 12 sessions is €210. This includes a work book, refreshments and a simple lunch on the first day.
If the group is greater than 5 then additional fees will be donated to Women for Women International, a wonderful organisation which supports women and children in post war situations. 
If you would like to find out more about the course before committing then please contact me (Moira) to explore:


+39 3400653786
A Powerful  Combination  

Combining the insights of both Positive Psychology and the Enneagram, in a framework of coaching methodology, this series of workshops offers participants the opportunity to: understand  themselves and others better; enhance their personal relationships; learn helpful techniques for managing life situations; and to take reflective time out from the normal routine.  
Based around presentations, discussions, video clips and exercises, the feedback from previous workshops described them as interesting, entertaining, informative, fascinating and fun. 
Led by Moira Spence MSc, MA, an Enneagram trainer, facilitator and professional coach, the workshops will have a maximum of 7 participants. 
Why a workshop in 12 parts? The first is the introduction, then one each for the 9 Enneagram Types, finishing with two sessions to  summarize and wrap up.
Sharing perceptions and experiences is integral to the workshops and it is up to each participant to choose how much they wish to share. There is no expectation for participants to contribute more than is comfortable. 


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