Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Parties for Children

  Great news for anybody seeking to organize an unforgettable children's
party! Want a mermaid, a princess, the super-hero of your choice to show up
at a birthday, hallowe'en or Christmas party? Want to entertain your kids
with live music, games, and skits?
  My young friends Nadia and Matteo Caretto (mother tongues
English and Italian) are professional actors/musicians with TV, theatre, and
concert experience in performing arts, and who specialize in children's
programs. They do face painting, story-telling, songs, live guitar music,
games, and they can adapt their show to suit your favorite themes. See a
photos and demo attached.
  Believe me they're bound to go over big!
  Phone Nadia: 392.334.2640

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