Thursday, November 5, 2015


This year the Welcome Neighbor Rome International Group pairs up with a non profit association, Noi and Loro, which looks after abandoned cats and dogs in Northern Rome, to organise the biggest and most beautiful Christmas bazaar ever!
On Sunday, November 29th, from 10 am to 6pm, in the most enchanting Medieval setting of the Olgiata Castle, which was built in 1556 by an aristocratic family of bankers who moved to Rome from Lake Como.  the Olgiata settled here and we succeeded by famous Italian families like the Franceschi, the Orsini, Farnese, Chigi and Incisa della Rocchetta.  The latter signed an agreement in 1968  with the City of Rome administration to turn the Olgiata Estate into an elite residential complex, the largest of its kind in Europe, today probably the safest place to live in Rome, as it is guarded by armed guards at two gates.
The castle is now owned by Mr and Mrs Saviotti who are always willing to share their lovely home for charity events and the Christmas bazaar has become a regular appointment where lots of people come and find a gift for everyone.
There are lots of raffle prizes and it won't be necessary to be present during the draw, but all proceeds will be evolved toward the noble work all the volunteers do either in helping cats and dogs or in helping the blind in Rome, the immigrant children attending the two local schools, by organising ecological Sundays with vivi Vejo and buying food for the poor.
Don Pietro, the Olgiata Parish Priest, will be there at 10 to bless this fantastic event.
Welcome Neighbor will have a fantastic food table highlighted by its international flavours and the food will be sold for charity.
Anyone wishing to sign up to bring a dish, a cake or quiche, pizza or other, please contact Dolores Cunningham at

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