Tuesday, December 15, 2015


The Welcome Neighbor ladies, today with a strong majority from the UK and germany, with representatives from Ireland, Christmas lunch in the lovely atmosphere of  Olgiata  restaurant ribot, which goes back to the beginning of Olgiata, when it was first turned into a residential estate.  The Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Italy, the United States as well as Canada, all gathered to celebrate the upcoming Christmas, which is exactly ten days away.  Many have already left for far way lands where they will meet up with friends and family to welcome the new year.
Good food, wine dessert and great company, as always, has joined the loveliest people from all over the world in friendship, almost to challenge those who try to break up equilibriums around the world.
A very happy Christmas everyone.  See you all in the New Year on Janurary 19th! 

A truly wonderful 

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