Monday, January 11, 2016


Come to the Cabaret!

Arts in English is auditioning for the following cast for a new show to be staged in Rome in June 2016 
  • The Emcee – Flamboyant Master of Ceremonies of the Kit Kat Klub (age 20-40 - Singer/Dancer)
  • Sally Bowles – The lead cabaret singer at the Kit Kat Klub (age 20-40 - Singer/Dancer)
  • Clifford "Cliff" Bradshaw – A writer travelling through Berlin (age 20-40)
  • Fräulein Schneider – A mature woman who runs the boarding house that Cliff and Sally live in (age 40+ - Singer)
  • Herr Schultz – A mature man, fruit shop owner, who falls in love with Fraulein Schneider (age 40+)
  • Ernst Ludwig – A German man who befriends Cliff when he arrives in Berlin, later revealed to be a Nazi (age 30-60)
  • Fräulein Kost – A prostitute who rents in Fraulein Schneider's boarding house (age 20-40 - Singer/Dancer)
  • RosieLuLuFrenchieTexasFritzie, and Helga – Girls who perform alongside Sally at the Kit Kat Klub (age 18+  Singers/Dancers))
  • BobbyVictorHans, and Herman – The Cabaret boys of the Kit Kat Klub (age 18+ - Singers/Dancers)
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