Friday, May 6, 2016


Don't miss the 2016 Vivi Vejo Awards Celebration tomorrow May 7th at 4pm at the G Soglian School between the Olgiata 2012 Sporting Club and Olgiata.
Come and find out who has won the Literary and Art Competitions.
This year there have been lots of St George's and Marymount entries and what fantastic stories!
We have asked the students to imagine that they are one of the refugees from a far away country and have arrived in Italy, at the Casale di San Nicola Refugee Centre and …how were they welcomed?  What was it like?
Alitalia has donated two trips to Paris, which will go to the winner of the Art Competition, two trips to Barcellona which will go to the winner of the English Literary Contest and two trips to London, which will go to the winner of the Italian Literary Contest.
See you there!

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