Tuesday, January 17, 2017


The first Welcome Neighbor Rome meeting of 2017 was held this morning in Olgiata and the theme covered was " Our Four Legged Friend".
Hosted by Valerie Paganuzzi in her beautiful Olgiata Villa, the group this morning included guests from numerous countries like Switzerland, Finland, France, Israel, the UK, the United States, Russia, Canada and PerĂ¹, all joined together by one common issue: being away from home and wanting to make new friends.
   The hostess, Valerie, works as a volunteer in the nearby kenel, Valle Grande, which hosts over 300 abandoned dogs.  She is a member of the Amici di Fido association and at least three times a week she spends time at the kennel walking and grooming the dogs.
She herself has adopted three dogs one of which only has three legs.  While she tells the story of this nine month old dog and how he lost his leg, he lays his head on her lap and looks up at her with the most grateful eyes.
It's just like an orphanage, so many dogs don't wish for anything else but to find a home, so why spend thousands of euros on a dog when you can get a free one from the kennel?
It's is also possible to adopt a dog at a distance and give a monthly donation.
More information is available on www.amicidifido.org.
Welcome Neighbor thanks Valerie for the wonderful coffee morning and all the wonderful people present.
A big welcome to all the new ones.
Our next meeting will be held in Olgiata on February 14th and … guess what the theme will be!
I hope to see you all there!

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