Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Welcome Neighbor for a healthy and painless Back

Before taking off for the summer holidays, the Welcome Neighbor crowd gathered at Veronica Loguercio's beautiful villa in Le Rughe for a fun and delicious pot luck lunch enriched by homemade dishes and good wine.  Despite the hot weather, a pleasant breeze made the whole event much more delightful and bearable.
Dr Paula Dowidchuk, from Washington DC but married to an Italian, gave a brief presentation on Cranial Sacral therapy which she has been practicing for a few years and promised to come back to give a more thorough outlook on this very interesting pan relieving therapy. .
Many thanks to Veronica for being such a great hostess.  Welcome Neighbor will meet again in September in Olgiata and wishes everyone a fantastic summer.
Please don't forget to sign up for hosting a Welcome Neighbor meeting.  It is fun and not so much work after all.

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