Friday, April 1, 2011


This morning another family woke up to find that someone had actually been browsing around their room while they were asleep, and it wasn't a member of the family or a household pet.  Lately we seem to be hering these news once a week and they all bear the same similarities:  a dril, asmall hole just beneath the door handle of the window frame and the handle is turned, the door is easily opened and silently, undisturbed, these unexpected guests, guided only by a special torch they wear around their head, casting a focused light only on what they need to see,tiptoe around beds and nightstand and grab any gold jewlery they can pawn sometimes they take lap tops or other electronic devises and are seldom caught.  Even the safer guarded residential Complex in Northern Rome, still much safer than anywhere else in the eternal city, has recently been hit by frequent break-ins.  Police say that they have a track, a couple of suspects they hope to get as soon as possible.  They are good, efficient and fast, but if the guards still had use of trained police dogs, they probably would have caught the mysterious couple by now.
So until then, do lock all doors and windows, lock your shutters before going to bed and invest in a very good alarm.

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