Wednesday, February 1, 2012


When Vivi Vejo visited the rooms from which the La Storta Carits operates, distributing food and meeting needly families, all the food shelves were empy.  When we asked what they would do when people were going to show up today and tomorrow to ask for food, they simply said :" Well, we're just going to have to tell them to come back next week...".
This is when Vivi Vejo didn't waste any time and put out a message among Olgiata Residents, Welcome Neighbor members, Imago XX and Olgiata Nostra and over 100 shopping bags full of pasta, rice, cookies, canned food, tomato sauce, tuna and more were brought to the two drop off areas in Olgiata.
The shelves were no longer empty.
Our sincere thanks go out to all those wonderful people who donated, and the many associations which participated.
We hope that this won't be a single event but that all those who helped this time will continue to participate in this Solidarity Project as we plan to collect food once a month.
Our next collection will be on March 3rd.
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