Sunday, March 1, 2015

Great start off for Vivi Vejo Ecological Sundays

The first of a series, today saw the Olgiata  Cassia area as the theatre for the ecological Sundays which plan to remove a whole lot of trash carelessly and disrespectfully thrown by local citizens.
It was for the majority a group of expat residents who gathered at the South entrance to the famed Olgiata residential complex at 3pm equipped with shovels, large brooms, garbage bags and gloves and set of along Via Conti to the nearby park and what might have once been a fun nature walk to be used as a short cut to the Olgiata Shopping Centre, now an open air damp, filled with glass bottles, garbage closed in plastic bags clearly thrown there purposely, as well as a plastic bottle full of petrol, which might have caught fire just by a cigarette butt.  
Many thanks to all of you who took part and brought their children along too.  This is very educational and as it turned out, lots of fun for the little ones too.
Our next appointments are on April 12th and May 10th.

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