Thursday, April 16, 2015


Welcome Neighbor Conference on ALOE VERA - Tuesday April 21st
Spring and Aloe Vera
Why this topic? What do they have in common?
Well, first, we are in spring, finally not only by date but now also by temperature. It is the time of nature awakening, renewing and regenerating. What days ago was still dull and grey, surrounds and surprises us now with bright colors and in a whole scale of different shades of green. Green is also the color of the heart, besides pink, and  of health. 
Spring is also a symbol, an invitation  for mankind, for us  to awake, to renew and to regenerate ourselves, not only our body but also our mind, soul  and spirit.
Secondly, what has Aloe Vera to do with spring? 
In some way Aloe Vera is similar to spring. The energy of spring activates nature, awakens it from winter relaxation, renews and regenerate . The energy of Aloe Vera, concentrated in the pulp/gel of the leaves in form of multiple active principles which are substantial and are part of human beings, taken as a nutraceutical drink, helps us to renew, to regenerate and to get rid of surplus liquid and waste.  There are many reasons to drink the Gel of Aloe Vera.  It is  also helpful in treating animals. 
There is so much to tell about Aloe Vera,  its high value properties, its application, not only as a drink but also for anti-aging, weight control, skin-care, cosmetics and Make-up and last but not least,  its  interesting stories and exiting thousands of years history.
(Let's talk about this at our next Welcome Neighbors.
As an Independent Distributor Worldwide – Manager  of Forever Living Products, leader in growing Aloe Vera, production and distribution in more than 155 countries, I would like to share my experience. )
I think it is also worthwhile to mention how important the Aloe Vera is for the environment. The Plantations of Forever Living Products with their over 50 million plants are cleaning the Globe of over 2 million tons of CO2, and 20 plants of Aloe Vera take over the work of cleaning the air of 1 tree. 
If I have solicited your curiosity, please do not hesitate to contact me at our Welcome Neighbor meeting on Tuesday.
Margrit Ch. Mau   Independent Distributer Worldwide - Manager      Forever Living Products           ID: 390000000878  Tel.: 06 525 8280   mobile: 347 3637178    e-mail:          
Furthermore - Rex Maughan, the founder of Forever Living Products says: the worst illness is the one of an empty wallet. If you want to go against that illness and you are looking for another income or you are ready to start your own business and want to be  your own boss, check with me, this might be your occasion. 

Four vegetals are indispensable for the well being of man;
The Wheat, the grape, the olive and Aloe.
The first nourishes him, the second raises the spirit,
the third brings him harmony,
the fourth cures him.

Christopher Columbus

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