Tuesday, January 12, 2016

welcome neighbour janurary meeting with winner of the cinnamon new book award

Tuesday, January 19th 10 am Le Rughe
The Welcome Neighbour Rome International Group presents:
'The Disobedient Wife' by Annika Milisic-Stanley, published by Cinnamon Press 2015. 

Winner of the Cinnamon Press New Book Award 2014.

Available on amazon.co.uk and amazon.comwordery.comcinnamonpress.com and from the Anglo-American Bookstore in Piazza Spagna.  .

Information, reviews and interviews:

www.facebook.com/MilisicStanley (The Disobedient Wife by Annika Milisic-Stanley facebook page)
www.cinnamonpress.com (for author bio and book page)
www.thedisobedientauthor.com (blog)


'The Disobedient Wife' is about the friendship between two women who live in Tajikistan, a country of the former USSR. One is a British diplomat's wife, lonely and lost in the chaos of a new country and neglected by her workaholic, charming, older husband. The other is a local Tajik woman, Nargis, who works as her nanny. She has a scandalous reputation in her close-knit community for daring to leave her second husband, an alcoholic, migrant laborer in Russia who has kept custody of their baby. 
Harriet secretly lends her money to start a business and comes to admire her tenacity and drive, comparing Nargis' life with her trophy wife existence. Nargis' husband returns from Russia and tries to destroy her, whilst Harriet makes a devastating discovery. The two women turn to each other against a backdrop of violence and betrayal. 

From Cinnamon Press: 

"Rich with sense of place and deeply humane, Milisic-Stanley brings the acute observation of an artist and social anthropologist to bear on this moving and compelling story of how two women survive and thrive in difficult circumstances."

The re-emergence of tradition and culture since the fall of the USSR and the impact on women; migration and drug trafficking; expatriate 'trailing spouse' life and identity; domestic violence; cross-cultural friendship.
Reservations are requested please.  
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